Day 243- April 21, 2010

Another nature-type photo, I’m afraid. But the leaves are so red at this time of year. It’s actually really difficult to capture them the way they look, although not quite as difficult as trying to get a falling leaf. That would be amazing. The last time I did that, I was with Alex and we gave up and I got him to drop leaves so that I could photograph them. Oh well. Although this picture isn’t terribly exciting, I like the contrast of the red on the green. Enough about that.

It’s pretty late, so I’ll keep this short. I’m a bit tired of writing chronological “and then we did…” type posts, especially considering that if I’m just at uni, nothing terribly exciting is happening. And the whole point of this blog is to be able to remember what happened on what day, which means writing about how each day is different to another- special, or at least slightly memorable. And I think that for the most part, a lot of days are the same.

So what was different? Well, the classes were the same. I went to Russian and then I had a Policy lecture. But nobody really needs to hear that. A car almost collided with my tram in the afternoon, but that, too (sadly), isn’t an uncommon occurrence (people incapable of hook turns should not be allowed to drive in Melbourne). Aside from that, everything is pretty routine.

I guess what separates today from any other day, or at least from other Wednesdays, are the little things, maybe the more subtle or the more personal things. How I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, etc. And as much as I write about my life on here for all (potentially) to see, I’m conscious of the fact that what I’m writing is a way of representing myself. Do I talk about embarrassing things? No. Do I talk about sensitive, personal things? No. Do I talk about things that happened and might be important to the course of the day, but might be things I don’t want people knowing? Impressions I don’t want to give? Of course not. This isn’t a private journal, and so it’s not entirely truthful. Or at least, not entirely representative. And it should come as a surprise to nobody.

Perhaps it’s that I consider these little things to be of no consequence. Surely nobody cares what daydreams I had in a lecture, or what I saw out the tram window (unless it was out of the ordinary). But then again, is that any less exciting than what I had for lunch? (I guess it depends on the lunch). Apart from that, those little things are the ones that are harder to remember. It’s easy to remember what happened when in a rough way, especially if you’ve a timetable. But the little things aren’t timetabled, so they require more effort, trying to remember the whole day– feelings, thoughts and all.

So what differentiated today for any other day? I’m still working on my Policy essay, so there’s the pressure of the deadline approaching, wanting to have it done and wanting to have it done well. It’s worth 75% of the semester mark, which is a fair chunk for one assignment. There’s a lot of stuff related to it floating around my head– the research I’ve done, background readings that may or may not be relevant, thoughts about what line of argument I should take.

I also had Half A Person by The Smiths in my head for a good deal of the day. I’m not really sure why it’s stuck, but it’s there, and I find myself whistling it and having people stare. It amuses me, especially if I’m at a pedestrian crossing. Apart from lifts, I can’t think of another situation where you stand around with a group of (possibly) strangers for a while and then walk off in all different directions. I’d feel much more self-conscious whistling on the train, or something like that, especially if I’m by myself. When I’m with Josiah, we sing Billy Joel loudly on the train. But that’s another story. Anything involving Josiah always is.

Well, there it is. Today’s post. It wasn’t as short as I expected to be, and it was probably a bit more random and disjointed than you expected it to be. That’s right. You, the reader. I broke the fourth wall. You deal with it.


One response to “Day 243- April 21, 2010

  1. I really like this days Blog. Contains a lot of thought. Enjoyable.

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