Day 246- April 24, 2010

I hate it when you’re dreaming and everything is lovely and then the alarm goes. I really don’t know why Everything In Its Right Place is still the wake-up song on my phone; Thom Yorke whining is not really want to hear when I wake up in the morning. Correction: when I am awoken in the morning. But get up I did, because I had to go to work. I was at Sonia’s place from the night before, so I gathered my things and said my goodbyes and thank-yous (yes, my parents did raise me properly) and drove off. More freeways! Lovely! At least this time I knew where I was headed and there was far less traffic and inclement weather. It was a lovely drive through Moonee Ponds to McDonalds for breakfast (they’ve now combined the Sausage And Egg and Bacon And Egg McMuffins into some Super Dooper Sausage And Bacon And Egg And Heart Failure Breakfast Extravaganza).

And then seven (pretty much) continuous hours of teaching, with the usual administrative mishaps. Firstly, the admin staff took a while to locate my classes’ reports and exam papers, so they scurried around, attempting to find where they’d stashed them (luckily, they turned up eventually). And then, I couldn’t find one of my classes. I’d been privately tutoring a Year 7 student during the lunch hour, but was last week informed that I would be given a group of four Year 8s to coach for selective school entry exams. However, I couldn’t find any of them and went from room to room and back to the office until finally they showed up and we found a place.

I was somewhat tired, and so was pleased when the day drew to an end, and again enjoyed my drive home ft. singing loudly and badly (even if the weather wasn’t as nice as last week). It’s the time of year where the shortening of the days is noticeable, so it wasn’t long after I got home that it began to get dark and I, not yet having a Photo for the Day, ventured outside to take photos of the night. Here we see Richards Avenue in darkness, lit by a car’s headlights. There’s no deep or poetic meaning here. It’s just quite dark.

Oh, and Dad broke his toe. Silly man.


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