Day 247- April 25, 2010

Mm nice sleep in. And because Dad broke his toe last night, he didn’t go to church, which meant we were all at home and had a lovely bacon and eggs breakfast. Mm bacon and eggs. And then I got a bit more work done on my essay in between that and getting ready to go out to the wedding. Wooo for being almost up to 900 words, which means almost 30% through the essay. I’ll have to finish it tomorrow. Isn’t that what public holidays are for?

The wedding in question was that of my “cousin”, Sasha, to her fiancee, Gerard. By “cousin”, I mean that she is the cousin of my cousins (on different sides of the family), but that I can’t normally be bothered explaining that relationship, so I call her my cousin. Her dad normally runs around at family events with all his photographic equipment in tow, but she asked him to be a bit more low-key for her wedding, so he gave me his camera for the day. It was heavy (what with a 18-200m lens and a big flash gun hanging off it) and it took me a while to figure out how to operate the settings (mainly turning off that annoyed beep sound that occurs when the camera focuses), but I managed and had fun playing with it, even if my hands got sore from the extra weight.

So it was another wedding with me walking around (in my nice black shoes that make a clop-clop sound when I walk) and taking hundreds of photos (even more so this time, what with Koka’s 16gb memory card). There were photos of the bride and groom, of the church, of various people present, of the ceremony, of people coming up to congratulate the couple, of the couple signing the marriage certificate, of the couple with various configurations of their respective families. The list goes on. And I’ll deal with the list at some other point. I took somewhere between 500 and 600 photos today, and 2am is not the best time to deal with them. Here’s one photo I’ve picked for the blog- the bride and groom and various family members on the steps of the church. Look forward to the rest later (ooh the suspense!).

Right after we finished taking photos (by which I mean the Real Photographer taking photos and the rest of the amateurs tagging along), the weather turned as sour as one of those sour lollies you get at the Show (terrible analogy, I know). I guess it was pretty lucky that it held out for the duration of the wedding (and the gathering clouds before the downpour meant less harsh direct sunlight for wedding photos!). We went home for about five minutes (to grab coats and so that I could get some coffee) before going out to Fitzroy for the reception.

The reception was held in a function room at a pub in Nicholson Street. It was actually really nice, what with large paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and lovely gourmet food and all that jazz. Except there wasn’t really jazz. There was a band, however, but they played more sort of mellow versions of pop and rock tunes. So there was food (of course) and drinks and friendly waiters and I walked around occasionally, taking more photos and experimenting with the flash gun. And then dancing and then cake and then more dancing. Speeches also occurred throughout the night, with Steve being the MC, along with contributions from Sasha and Gerard, as well as their parents, best man and maid of honour.

It’s late and I’m tired and I’m sure that you’re all quite aware of what typically happens at weddings. I took a lot of  shots today, but there’s no way I’m going through them now, so you (being whoever is reading this post) can look forward to them at some other point in time. Actually, you should probably get to sleep, too.


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