Day 248- April 26, 2010

Public holiday today. And everybody knows what that means… working on essays!

So not that much to report, really, on the first 80% or so of the day. I worked on the essay, and I really don’t think anybody wants me to talk any more about it. But it’s finished now, and that’s what counts (well, I still have referencing to go, but that really shouldn’t take very long). It was mainly essay writing for most of the day (and by essay writing I mean mainly staring at the Word document, trying to think of how to phrase the next sentence), apart from one hour of tutoring (in which we discussed manipulative female characters in literature).

Just before eight in the evening, I managed to finish the essay (word limit: 3,300, word count: 3,299… priceless). I decided to go celebrate by joining Josiah et al (he is such a networker) at a place in Fitzroy called The Workers’ Club (pictured). James and I got a lift in with Mum, via KFC, in which I got very confused as to what I was ordering, and ended up with some sort of meal which included what was generously called “potato and gravy”. Sure. Because potato is a semi-viscous liquid.

The bar/pub/venue/whatever was nice, being fairly unpretentious (especially by Fitzroy standards, the hipsters!) and playing pretty cool music all night. I met old acquaintances and new ones (exactly how a night should go!) and we discussed cool topics such as music. Yeah. And I took another lot of photos. And once again it’s a late night which I cannot be bothered to spend on picking and editing and exporting and uploading and tagging photos. So I’ll do it later. Seems like I’ve got a bit of a backload to keep me busy…


2 responses to “Day 248- April 26, 2010

  1. yay! It’s me…. 😛 That is all. 🙂

  2. is this a shameless link to your blog?

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