Day 249- April 27, 2010

Mmm could not be bothered getting up for Russian. There’s no point, really, because we just cover the same thing over again in Wednesday’s class (at which I will, unfortunately, be present). I got a lift into uni with Mum, and had possibly one of the first lectures for Research Methods that made sense and was informative. What’s going on?

After what always seems like a never-ending lecture (at ninety minutes, it’s not quite as bad as last semester’s two hour Political Philosophy lecture), Jackie and I headed off to a cafe called Animal Orchestra (pictured), losing James and Alice to “assignments” along the way. James refused to listen to my argument that getting coffee would actually be beneficial to his study, because the time lost getting it would be more than made up by the increase cognitive functioning. We went there to meet with Laura, whom I had not seen for a while (possibly because she’s not doing any of my subjects anymore, but there’s always hope). Although I’d walked past it many times (it’s the one near the KFC on Grattan Street), I’d never gone in. It was pretty funky, what with collages of pictures and old mirrors on the walls. I had a very yummy muffin and Laura had a macaroon, which was deemed “cute”.

We then parted with Laura and went off to formulate a questionnaire on binge drinking, which was required for today’s Research Methods tute (or else we’d be turned away!), and then to an information session on international study exchange, in which everybody was intimidated by the amount of paperwork necessary. Then to the tute (one thing after another, no?), in which I administered my binge drinking questionnaire (to a massive sample of three participants), shared my views on higher education in somebody else’s questionnaire and totally failed at another questionnaire on sport. It wasn’t too bad a tute, and the discussion was pretty fun.

And then Psych. Oh god. I really do hate the Public Lecture Theatre. Of course, you will have guessed by now that I fell asleep (again). I really don’t know what it is about it. I mean, sure, it’s dimly lit- and that will make you sleepy. But I go to other dark lecture theatres. And I have never before encountered a room that will make you fall asleep, no matter how hard you try to keep away, no matter how awake you were before the lecture. It’s Dark Magic, for certain!

It’s getting noticeably darker at this time of year, which is always a bit dreary, especially when the shortening days are combined with the weather getting much colder. I think the weather has decided to pay us back for the nice warm autumn thus far. Bitch. I’m not really looking forward to winter, where it’s fully dark by the time I finish classes. Eugh. But at least once it gets very cold, I can wear my greatcoat. Hurrah!


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