Day 251- April 29, 2010

Being the exemplar of insanity that I am, I’ve started to redecorate my room YET AGAIN!! This has involved taking down pretty much everything, as I’ve had some photos printed and I want to start from scratch so that everything fits in. I now have terribly dry thumbs from rolling what would be close to four hundred little pieces of Blu-Tack. But it’s worth it (see picture). And tomorrow I’ll try to put everything else back up, plus other new things I’ve picked up around the place (such as what I believe to be the daggiest record cover in existence).

It was cold today, but not as cold as yesterday, and unlike yesterday, I wore jeans. Good move. Having forgotten my essay at home, the day began with a brief stop-off at the printroom (where settings were wrong and printings were fouled) before going off to my near-empty tute (still because of the assignment), in which we discussed cigarettes, obesity and the western suburbs. After gymming it up and some Russian, I went to my appointment with the university’s advocacy service to discuss the difficulties I’ve been having, what with the Politics department losing one of my exam papers. I now have a course of action and feel very advocated for, so it was time well spent.

After another sleepy Psych lecture (in which I actually managed to stay awake!), I went home, only to go out again to pick Maxim from the station. When we got home, he realised that he had left his violin on the train (argh!), so we rushed inside and I called the station at which the train was terminating. Luckily, the station staff found the violin and we went to pick it up. Silly boy. And then I watched W. Silly Dubya.


One response to “Day 251- April 29, 2010

  1. I feature in todays photo twice. How nice it is to be on someone’s wall!

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