Day 254- May 2, 2010

Mm sleep. Good to catch up on it. Good to be able to sleep without putting the alarm on for the morning. Less good when your brother calls you to ask for driving directions, but that’s ok because you can’t stay in bed all day. Well, that last bit’s not technically true. I did get back into bed, but with the blinds open and me working on editing wedding photos, it’s less “Sasha being a lazy slob” and more of “Sasha being productive in an unconventional but completely valid way”. Also, it’s nice and warm. I should never work from home because if I could, I would not get out of bed and it would be like that Simpsons episode and I’d have to wear a muumuu. I did wear an oversized tshirt today, but that’s not the point.

At some point, I realised that it would probably be appropriate for me to stop shunning societal norms (I think it was around 2.30pm), so I got out of bed and had a shower. Oh, and I vacuumed the house. See, I am productive! I had a minor disagreement with the clothes rack in the laundry, which decided that it would be fun to collapse and attempt to disappear into the ducted heating vent when I lifted it to move it. Dad had to come and help me defeat it, and then I had to vacuum up the bits of plastic coating it shed all over the floor. Horrid thing.

Food seemed to be a dominant theme of the day (which is not unusual), as Mum made several types of cake (I think one is a secret so I will not describe them) and walnut slice, which is both pictured on this blog and addictive. I think I ate about ten pieces of the slice, but that is ok because they are small. Or misshapen. Misshapen rejects of cake/cookie/etc. do not contain calories. And then in the evening I used the leftover dough from Mum’s church kitchen duty in the morning to roll out pizza bases. I was totally ridiculous and span the dough in the air (like the people in the movies) and got flour everywhere, but it was terribly good fun and terribly good pizza.

And the evening has been spent on other photo-related tasks, all leading to my eventual goal of being able to back up some photos and delete several dozen gigabytes of them off my hard drive (where they are being a nuisance). Oh, and Myspace. Due to a strange bout of quasi-nostalgia, I remembered the Myspace days (what, like, two to four years ago?) and logged in for memories and reading old messages (try going to the start and reading forward… it’s trippy).


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