Day 256- May 4, 2010

Eugh. WordPress is being a total bitch, what with the pages not loading and everything coming up as a long stream of text. AND I CAN’T INSERT PICTURES! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE THIS BLOG IF I CAN’T PUT IN THE PHOTO?

Calm. Calm down. It’s ok. Sarah has kindly agreed to post this, as it magically works on her computer. Grr… technology.

But back to my day. It started too early, what with me getting up at seven. It doesn’t sound so bad, but it took me ages to get to sleep last night, so it was the kind of morning where you stand in the shower for about ten minutes with the water running because you’ve sort of fallen asleep again.

After Russian and SSRM, I had my weekly Epic Two-And-A-Half-Hour Break Ft. Jackie And Occasionally Charlotte But More Often Not. I needed to shop for an upcoming day dedicated to a certain kind of person (that will not be named), so we went off to Lygon Street. I normally go to a place called The Poppy Shop to buy cards, as they have a good selection of nice ones that don’t cost three times what you would pay for a present.

But alas, I couldn’t find anything giftworthy there, as I wasn’t really sure that the unmentionable person-in-question would need a tin miniature tram, and I surely wasn’t going to splurge on a wooden Noah’s Ark (down to $100 from $115 because the giraffe broke its leg!). Instead, I found another shop (also censored) and found something that was more to my liking (albeit slightly silly).

Then, being much a-hungered, we went back to uni and had pizza and napkins went everywhere. It really was very windy. Also, Jackie eats like an animal (here’s hoping she doesn’t read this). After the pizza was consumed, and I, being frustrated in my attempts to shove the pizza box though the bottle-sized hole in the recycling bin, was forced to injure Mother Earth by throwing it in the regular rubbish (what horror!), we went down to the union BBQ, where Dan Kelly (Paul’s nephew) and his band were playing.

I picked up a beer (we are now sponsored by Little Creatures… score!) and we saw and joined Josiah and some others for conversation. I’ve forgotten what it was mostly about, but I do remember Black Books references and some particularly atrocious innuendo, so it must have been good.

Then, as all good things must come to an end, I left for my SSRM tute (in which the tutor gave me chocolate—apparently an example of a double-barrelled question that I came up with last week was so impressive that she’s using it in all her tutes) and later, my Psych lecture (you know, that one I sleep in). I think I managed to keep my eyes open for most of it this week.

Out of the lecture theatre and into darkness. I’m missing the warmer months already, and it hasn’t even gotten to the really short days yet (ew). Gah. Cold and dark and wet and wind make me sad.


One response to “Day 256- May 4, 2010

  1. I’m much enjoying the featuring of my bag n’ beer in today’s picture.

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