Day 259- May 7, 2010

Argh. Psychology. I don’t like it. Well, I generally do like Psychology. I am just not terribly enamoured with this assignment on attentional asymmetries, which involves much reading about posterior parietal corteses and biateral visuospatial fields. Don’t tell me it’s not brain surgery, because it is (well, technically I think they just messed with the brain using potentially harmful magnetic fields, but we still have to learn lots of silly neuroscience terminology).

Not a terribly exciting day. I got up, I vacuumed the house, I (partially) tidied my room. Probably the high point was lunchtime (typical), when I made a bocconcini and pancetta pizza. I’m using Italian words, so you know it’s good! I know I talk about food a lot, but I think it’s just one of those things that’s important to get right. And good food (i.e. bocconcici and pancetta pizzas!) is very pleasing.

Slightly annoyed at the post office however. And this isn’t one of those rants about the woman at the post office who glares at everyone. In fact, she was quite nice today. I came in just as they were closing up and she sold me a postage bag even though her counter was closed (ten team champion points for you, Post Office Lady!). I had something I wanted to send to Sarah, but it was small, so I thought I’d make the postage worthwhile by putting some little chocolate in there. Unfortunately, the package then exceeded the maximum allowance and I was told I had to put some obscene number of stamps on it (and I’ve almost run out of stamps!). And by that time they were already closed. Gah! I’ll sort it out later…

I gave up on Psychology at some point in the evening (I’ve taken a few notes– wasn’t a complete waste of time), and have been playing guitar, trying to learn Blackbird and Stairway to Heaven. And today’s photo is from a little walk I took in the evening, just before it got dark. I went down the end of my street to the railway track and got a photo of a train going by. Here’s another one that I like, mainly because the trail of the red lights look like rocket boosters… very sci-fi!


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