Day 263- May 11, 2010

Oh dear. I was very glad I came late for my Research Methods lecture. If the last half hour of it that I caught was any indication, it was a complete waste of time. The guest lecturer was crapping on about how great SPSS (the statistics program that we have to learn to use for this subject as well as Psychology) is, which wouldn’t have been that bad, except it seemed she didn’t really know how to use it. So instead she went on confusing tangents, had to try and work things out as she went and kept saying “ta-dah!” just to have absolutely nothing happen. In the end, she just went on about how amazing pie charts are and how you could change all the colours (amazing! amazing!).

What a bore. Luckily, James (pictured!), Alice and I followed it by going to Animal Orchestra, where we met up with Charlotte (whom I had not seen for a while). We had coffee and conversation and spent quite a long time there. So long, in fact, that we heard the same songs being played the second time (but it was The Decemberists, so it was okay). Also, I had a muffin. It was good.

Then, more SPSS. Sigh. The last time we had a computer tutorial for that subject, the tutor had no idea how to use the program, and we pretty much had to figure it out ourselves. She reassured us that quantitative methods were more her thing and that she was better at SPSS. Wrong. Apparently it’s “changed a lot” since she was doing undergraduate studies. So it was another class of being told to follow pointless instructions that didn’t do the right thing anyway. Gah!

At least Psychology was more pleasant (somewhat unexpectedly). The lecturer only made one sarcastic comment to a latecomer, seemed to be generally in good spirits and even talked about how much he loved animals! But then again, didn’t Hitler? It was a bit of a let-down, actually. I was there on time and sitting quietly, waiting for somebody to be yelled at. A rather¬†Coliseum-type spectacle, really. But I was disappointed. And somewhat disgusted at the people who sat in the second row, asking questions and nodding obsequiously as the lecturer answered.

Home and cold and tutoring and dinner. Goodnight. I am tired.


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