Day 264- May 12, 2010

Going to the gym is far more pleasant when you have your ipod. Good thing I remembered to bring it today! I didn’t listen to it at first, however, because they were playing Cat Empire’s The Wine Song over the speakers, and so I ran to that for a bit. The problem with that song is that it gets faster and faster.

Russian wasn’t too bad today, either. We learned the dative case and can now form sentences such as “I am writing  to the Prime Minister’s wife” (hurrah!). The textbook’s “compelling” storyline is also getting more interesting, what with Ivan clumsily making his moves on Lyudmila at the opera (oh, Ivan!). I tried to read ahead, but there’s only one more chapter for the semester, and then I have to buy more expensive textbooks. Goshdarn it! I think that all textbooks, irrespective of subject or topic, should be written like soap operas. It would make education of all sorts a lot more interesting.

I had some time before my next lecture, so I went looking for a cafe that Aretha recommended. I couldn’t find it, and the cafe near where my lecture was tends to have disappointing coffee, so I went with a tea instead (because, seriously, how can you screw up tea in a teabag?). It was pleasant and warm and I drank it throughout my lecture, in which we watched a video of Wayne Swan saying “fiscal consolidation” about ten times in half a minute. What a silly treasurer.

Home and tutoring and dinner and more tea (hurrah!). Today’s Photo is one I took, just coming home, of the fading light casting shadows on a bowl of apples. Still life. Hell yeah.


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