Day 265- May 13, 2010

Day 265! That means only 100 days of this blog left to go! Never fear, however; I have a few blogging ideas up my sleeve yet.

Russian was interesting, as Russian on Thursdays generally is. One of the guys in the class had his birthday today, and the tutor was extremely happy that this gave us a chance to sing in Russian. The Russian version of Happy Birthday uses the dative case (the one we just learned), so that was a bonus. Meanwhile, the birthday boy just sat there eating his wheel of brie and quince paste. Typical Russian class.

I left a bit early, since I had a screening interview for a sleep study for which I’ve volunteered. I was taken into a little room and questioned about my drinking habits and family’s illness of mental illness. I replied that although none of my relatives have been admitted to a psychiatric ward, there are several that probably should be. Apparently, I will be told within the next week whether I am eligible for the study, which involves being paid to drink vodka and sleep. Doesn’t sound too difficult.

Next came another Psych lecture. Again, the lecturer seemed nice. Perhaps the first one was just a trick to get everybody to behave? Aretha asked a question about whether sufferers of Broca’s aphasia are aware of their condition, which set off a veritable cavalcade of hands up in the air. One somewhat enthusiastic girl managed to get three questions in before the lecturer began ignoring her. I just sat there, eating my apple. Silly people.

I got home, out of the cold, and strangely craved Vegemite. It’s the weather. Or hormones. Or something like that. Either way, I had toast. I spent the rest of the evening attempting to read about the effect of magnetic stimulation of the posterior parietal cortex on spatial bisection in peripersonal space and getting annoyed at Tony Abbott for planning to freeze public service recruitment. What uninspiring stuff. Today’s Photo relates to none of that (thank goodness!) but is instead of a footrest-type creation that Mum recently purchased.


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