Day 266- May 14, 2010

Well, what can I say? Vacuuming the house and doing washing aren’t the most interesting of, uh, things. And nobody needs to hear me rant about my psychology assignment. On the upside, I got an email about an issue I’ve been having with one of last year’s exams (you know the story– they lost the paper, yadda yadda yadda…), telling me that they’ve decided to bring my exam mark up to my semester average, an H1. Woot!

I got another email (today is now International Get An Exciting Email Day) telling me that I’ve been selected for the sleep study I tried out for. I’m not exactly sure what the rigorous selection criteria were (I probably got bonus points for using my blog to help me fill out a list of all the alcohol I consumed in the past thirty days), but I passed. Achievement of the week! This means I’ll be being paid to sleep. Which is pretty sweet. Considering I normally sleep anyway.

I went to the post office to mail off something and buy some more postage stamps. Now that I’m BFFs with the intense woman who works there, I was, for the first time, not scared of talking to her. So naturally, for the first time, I was served by the other woman, who managed to call me “darl” about a thousand times in two minutes. Eugh.

Came home to find a package from Ireland in the mail, addressed to Mum. Package was marked “jewellery”. Of course. Etsy. (To be completely fair, this is her first Etsy purchase, but she does buy about ten trillion books a day off the internet). Said jewellery is Today’s Photo. I’ve also spent a bit of time on Etsy, and managed to find a painting of Bowie in which he looks like Voldemort, some Big Lebowski-themed badges and a typewriter that I REALLY REALLY want. Buy it for me.


One response to “Day 266- May 14, 2010

  1. I’ll get you a typewriter… promise

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