Day 268- May 16, 2010

Mmm lovely sleep in. I enjoyed my breakfast around about noon along with a cup of coffee. This is totally what mornings should be like. I doubt it would be very good for the economy, however.

I didn’t get around to working on my assignment for ages, which was kind of good and kind of bad. I’m also aware that, although a lot of the day was spent either working on or meaning to work on said assignment, talking about it is boring as hell to everybody else. I mean, it’s boring as hell to me, but I kind of need to do it.

So I’ll skip to my cousin Greg coming over. He and his wife moved to London a few months (?) ago for work, and since he was back in the country for a week or so, he came over for a bit. It’s interesting to hear what it’s like living in another country and it’s going to be good to have some people I’ll know when I go there next year. Even if they’ll probably be on the other side of town.

Mum cut some cheese and brought out some crackers, but he wasn’t hungry. So we ate them all. My mouth still has cheese after-taste. Eugh. Then he left and I went back to my assignment. More eugh. At least I think I’m done researching; I’ll write it up soon, and nobody will have to hear me whinge about it again.

Of course, by this time, it was dark and I was facing my usual no-blog-photo problem. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I turn to Dailyshoot for an idea. Today’s theme/topic/whatever was to take a self-portrait. I had a bit of a play around before taking a couple that seemed alright to me. Today’s Photo is one I took (using the self-timer) of myself lying on the dining room floor. The problem with the self-timer is that the camera focuses when you push the button, not just before the photo is taken. So if you’re to be taking a photo of yourself, you have to manually adjust the focus to where you think you’ll be, push the shutter release, quickly put the camera down at the same distance from the focal point and move to the point to where the camera is focused. If you do all that correctly, you get an (only marginally out-of-focus) photograph of yourself looking like you’re dead. Win. (Also, a bit morbid).


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