Day 270- May 18, 2010

Achievement! I actually managed to get up in time for Russian today. A lot of the time, I roll over and reset my alarm when it goes off and just go the next class, but not today. Being a steely man of steel, I sprang right out of bed and jumped into the shower even before I realised I was awake. This avoided that incredibly painful minute of consciousness during which you are lying in bed and not wanting to get out. I spent this minute in the shower instead, what with all the delightful hot water.

On the train, I was sitting there minding my own business (reading about public service accountability and how this differs from that in the private and non-profit sectors), when this girl sits down in the seat next to me. Nothing wrong with that, except that her music was fairly loud and I could hear it. Nothing wrong with that either, except that her music was also fairly shitty. So I pulled out my ipod and blasted her with Pink Floyd. Let that be a lesson.

Russian wasn’t too bad, what with the dialogues at the beginning of each chapter slowly turning into a soap opera. Apparently Lyudmila “stayed” with Peter in London, but she hasn’t told Vadim anything (the skank). We know that Peter is a classy guy because he has two toilets (both of which are indoors!) and a “comfortable sofa”. I’m really not sure whether that’s all innuendo, whether Russians have very different turn-ons to the rest of us or whether this was just a scheme to get us to learn various furniture/house-related words. Research Methods was less interesting, however. James and I decided that our lecturer was hungover (or as they say in his native Germany, hungüber). He stumbled from Power Point dotpoint to dotpoint, seemingly just making things up and then skipping to the next slide when he couldn’t bullshit any more. Hooray for the last lecture!

After a brief stop at Animal Orchestra for some tea, I took the bus (yes, that’s right, the bus!) to Ivanhoe to give my Theory of Knowledge presentation (again). This was the presentation that I did in Year 12 about the impact of the visual imagery of the 9/11 attacks which I gave last year, gave again today and have been invited again to give yet again next year. I think at some point I’m going to get to a cohort of students who don’t remember the 9/11 attacks. I think they might give me a service medal at that point. I got wine today, instead. And a taxi voucher to get me back to uni. Woot.

The rest of the day was fairly uninspiring. After a particularly unproductive (but somewhat amusing) Research Methods tute, an attempt to find something to photograph (which turned out to be some autumny leaves) and a Psych lecture, I went home (seeing an old man on the train who looked exactly like the guy from Up) and tutored. And had Indian food for dinner. Indian food from Costco! It’s amazing. I wish Costco had a jingle so I could sing it.


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