Day 272- May 20, 2010

This is the second in my Watsonia series. Well, I probably have some other shots, but this photo (bokeh from shop signs, streetlights and passing cars on Watsonia Road) arguably follows on from yesterday’s petrol station, which Sarah termed “Watsonia grunge”. This is less grungy and a bit more colourful, which is always nice. And having a “Watsonia series” is wanky enough to fit in with my aspiration to become a Little White Plaque Writer (see yesterday’s post). I mean, come on, it’s local! Everybody loves local stuff. It’s very artsy to talk about your roots and such. Although, technically, my roots are in Sydney’s western suburbs. I’d go photograph there, but I might be stabbed with a syringe.

The day began with my first Policy tute in three weeks (the tutor had been away in Cambodia, doing some work for a legal advocacy service), in which I was called Tony Abbott for insisting that I shouldn’t have to remember comments I made several weeks ago. It was an enjoyable tute nonetheless, what with discussions on government accountability and multinational corporations. I know it might not sound like a big deal to some people, but it isn’t always that you get a tute with lots of good discussion and opinions. Certainly a lot better than some of my tutes…

After going to the gym, Russian and a Psych lecture, I went off with Jackie and Aretha to work on the psych assignment. Well, we talked about it for a bit, and then resorted to eating Smarties and Facebook stalking people. I also had a pie. I was really hungry! The stalking was also good. It’s really fun to look through other people’s lives. And when you’re doing it with others, it’s technically a social activity, and you don’t feel like such a sad case!


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