Day 273- May 21, 2010

Mm sleep in. Lovely lovely lovely. Apart from that, a mostly uneventful day. I worked on my Psych assignment; I made some progress. All good. Now I have to figure out how I can fill about 500 words with “discussion” of my lab report. Something about implications of research and limitations of the blah blah blah blah.

Then things took a turn for the more interesting. Well, more weird. I went off to uni as I had volunteered to do front of house for a theatre show. I had to wait around for a bit in the foyer before someone finally came out and informed me what I’d have to do. I had to wait around until I was told it was time to open the doors, at which point I had to collect tickets and let people in and once enough people had been let in I had to go up the stairs to the tiny room and talk to the (also tiny) lady who would get the whole thing rolling. Exciting stuff. Then, once I’d let all the latecomers in, I took a seat at the back and watched the show, having missed only about five minutes of it.

Yeah, this is the weird part. I came in and was almost deafened by the shrieking of four actors dressed as rabbits, running around with balloons and giggling. It didn’t get any less weird. Among other things, this theatre piece (don’t really know what to call it) consisted of one character performing epileptic-type movements and yelling things such as “Are you pregnant?” and “Fuck you!” at the audience, a conversation between two others about detachable arms, people in gas masks marching onto the stage and something that resembled a David Lynch fashion show. Yes. Weird. I don’t know what it meant and I don’t know if it did mean anything.

I was hoping to get some interesting photos, but since photography was prohibited, I decided instead to go to the city and get some shots there. It was a bit tricky finding a parking spot (I didn’t feeling like paying for one) and so I sort of circled around through Southbank and Richmond back into the city and eventually found one. I took some photos around Flinders Street (like the taxis in Today’s Photo) and the Yarra River, getting some shots of the MCG, Southbank and even got a panorama. I really do need to get a tripod.

And then back home for dinner. Because I was quite hungry. And it was cold. And the longer you stay out in the city, the bigger the chance that somebody will throw up on you.


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