Day 275- May 23, 2010

Argh! Eugh! I woke up and my mouth was as dry as a dessert. I started getting a sore throat last night, which escalated into a head cold over night and being all blocked up I breathed through my mouth all night. This rendered me unable to say anything except “unddd ahh durrp” for a while.

Despite being generally displeased with my sinuses and all those parts of the head whose prime duties seem to consist of constantly saying “OH HEY YOU HAVE A COLD I THINK YOU MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT IT SO I’LL KEEP TELLING YOU FOR A WHILE”, I managed to finish my assignment, which is just as well, seeing as it’s due tomorrow. I’m not sure well it’s written, but it’s in a nice font and my diagram was totally flipping awesome. It had error bars and everything! (That has to count for at least 20% of the grade, right?)

Feeling too bleurgh to do anything useful like vacuuming, I instead spent the rest of the afternoon watching 1960s informational films (such as this Sonny Bono piece on marijuana and this hilarious VD awareness film— “The scarring can cause sterility. Sterility, Linda!”). Andrew than came over and we watched Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Black Dynamite, a recent blaxploitation spoof. Can you dig it?

Photo? What photo? I was too busy and sick and stuff for most of the day, so when it came to it, I just photographed one of the many interesting little things we have lying around the house. It’s all very relevant to the general ambience of my life.


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