Day 277- May 25, 2010

Woke up. I had survived. The electrodes didn’t electrocute me and the researchers didn’t remove any part of my brain during the night. Well, not to my knowledge. Nothing important, anyway.

After breakfast, I took the lift down and began my lengthy 300m commute to Russian. Relatively uneventful. Room too hot. Blew my nose way too much. And so ended that chapter of my life (I also got exam revision worksheets! Wooo!).

Met with Jackie and Charlotte. We sat around drinking hot beverages (well, except for Charlotte, who ate crackers and other tasty and nutricious snacks) for a while and then went for pizza. Luckily, Jackie made less of a mess this time. Also, I got more Little Creatures! Hooray for the Student Union!

Being sickly and quite unenthused about staying a further three hours at uni and catching the peak-hour train home, I left early. This gave me the added benefit of coming home during daylight hours, and so I was able to take some more photos for my “Watsonia Grunge” set. Mmm rust. And a Coke can in an abandoned shopping trolley! What a statement on consumerism! Hurrah for daylight! Hurrah for tutoring until your voice completely dies! And hurrah for Indian food for dinner!


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