Day 279- May 27, 2010

Ok, so I’m writing this a few days late. Hopefully I can remember what happened on Thursday… argh!

It was the last day of semester (well, for those who don’t have class on Friday), and so I came in for one last Russian class and one last Psychology lecture. Well, till next semester, anyway. And the psych lecturer didn’t kill anybody, so that was pretty good.

I hung around a bit, attempting to do some work for Policy Making, but mostly listening to the Beatles. And then it was time to head off to the Psych building once again for the second night of the sleep study in which I was participating. God it’s weird being in Redmond Barry at night (pictured). I can imagine some horror movie being filmed there.

So it was another microwave dinner and another session of being wired up and lathered with electroconductive goo and another orange juice with a 50:50 chance of five vodka shots cocktail. Yeah. I felt that one. Sleep.


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