Day 283- May 31, 2010

Today, I went to a job interview and then decided I didn’t want the job. It’s just the kind of thing I do. No regrets, however. I got some shots of St Kilda and had a Grill’d burger for lunch on the beach. Good fun.

The job interview in question was with a promotional materials distribution company, the kind that go to cafes and wherever and stick up posters of Burt Bacharach and reggae festivals. Cool gig, no? I thought I’d give it a shot. So I showed up at the company’s warehouse in St Kilda. Pretty cool place. I think warehouses generally are, especially when they smell of paint and are filled with posters of cool things. But on the downside, if I took the job, I’d have to work whole days (as opposed to a flexible couple of hours here and there) and show up to St Kilda in the morning to pick up the stuff. So I turned it down, figuring that if I ever needed more money, I’d take on more hours at the job I have, or look for something casual and flexible closer to home.

As I said though, no regrets. It’s nice being by the beach, even if parts of it don’t smell so good. I really do like St Kilda; it’s close to the city, but feels like it’s further away (if that makes any sense). And I like that seaside resort town feel that it still has from when it actually was a rich person’s getaway in the early 20th Century. I love Melbourne history. I should read a bit more. Actually, I wouldn’t mind going back to Borders and looking their shelf of Melbourne-related books. Woo Melbourne!


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