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Day 313- June 30, 2010

Yawn. Yawn and grumble. The sun isn’t up at six and it’s hard to get up. I know that’s when most people get up on most days, but I’m not most people. I’m extraordinary (by which I mean that I am a student). But it was all for a good cause- namely, holiday! More specifically, holiday at Sarah’s!

After spending a while in some horrible traffic and not being sure how long it would take to get to the airport, I (not surprisingly) got to the airport! Or rather, the Tiger Airways terminal, which is kind of Airport Lite. There’s three “gates” (corridors leading out onto long walks on the tarmac… how romantic!) and the obligatory airport bookshop/newsstand/money-gouger, as well as some other rubbish (like an overpriced Boost Juice). The boarding was somewhat bizarre, with the monitors reading that the boarding for my flight had closed before it had actually even started (which caused people to stand in line for the wrong flight, and in turn, a somewhat stern PA announcement telling us to “remain seated”… dystopian much?).

Magically, the plane, despite leaving a bit late, managed to get to Sydney on time, which is pretty much a first for me. By “on time”, I am of course applying the standards of Melbourne’s public transport system, which defines the aforementioned term as “less than five minutes late” (which really isn’t too bad when applied to airlines). We collected the luggage, we took the train (come on Brumby!) and proceeded to lunch, which was both tasty and filling.

We spent the rest of the day watching Eddie Izzard, playing music and watching The Gruen Transfer. Now go away. I am tired. I got up early today. Did you get up early today? Oh… well… whatever. Also, the photo is of me beating Sarah’s sister Anna in a tickle fight. I think she’ll think twice before trying to take me on again. Heh.


Day 312- June 29, 2010

Hooray! Off to Sarah’s tomorrow! It’s 9pm and I still haven’t packed, so I probably should get onto that at some point, but I do have a blog to write (mainly so I can pack up my computer).

After a lovely sleep-in and finishing my corrections, I had soup for breakfast and went off to Andrew’s, where I made the dogs jealous again by paying too much attention to the cat (who looks pretty much like this one). We then drove to Pricop’s in “convoy” with Avram following behind. Now that I think about it, we could have just gone in his car, but that would just make altogether too much sense.

Once at Pricop’s, we roused him from his sleep and went for lunch at McDonalds (where we saw people buying over a hundred dollars worth of promotional McDonalds drinking glasses… why?) and then back to watch The Book of Eli. I liked the fighting bits, but all the stuff about God seemed kind of strange for a Hollywood movie. SPOILER ALERT: I liked it when the bad guy finally got his hands on the last surviving copy of the Bible (somehow very important for his Evil Machinations) and then realised it was in Braille. It was bad for him because he could not read Braille. Egg on his face! Also, it was good because it had Tom Waits in it.

After giving Pricop’s girlfriend a lift home (she could have gone in Avram’s car but it was obvious that I had far better music), I came home for pizza, brownies, taking a photo of my father blowing his nose (to quote George Constanza, I’ve got nothing) and blogging. And now I must pack and get some sleep. Earlyish flight tomorrow. Zero hour, 8.35am (doesn’t fit as well, does it?).

Day 311- June 28, 2010

Melbourne University has been so kind as to scrap its old timetabling system and give us a brand new one, complete with colour coding and all that jazz. One minor problem; it works about as well as the New South Wales government. I set my alarm for 10am so that I could log on as soon as class registrations opened and make sure that I got a place in the classes I wanted. It took about 45 minutes to log into the system (well, I managed to get in earlier, but it didn’t save my class choices and sent me back to square one). On top of that, the music faculty are being notoriously lazy (as always) and have not yet finalised their timetable, so I have no idea when my music classes are. Gah!

That being (partially) sorted, I headed into the city with James to meet up with Josiah and Alex (via buying some presents and picking up 3.5kg of coffee, which I then lugged around for the remainder of the day). We went to the Nova to see an Australian crime film called Animal Kingdom. I thought it was pretty good, and I always get a kick of out seeing places I recognise (it was set in Melbourne). There was a fortunate lack of obviously touristy settings, such as Flinders Street Station, but I thought the inclusion of the NGV was a bit iffy. It was good to recognise less obvious locations and landmarks, though; for example, there was a shot taken down Little Collins Street and I was able to point out where I had picked up aforementioned 3.5kg of coffee.

After a brief detour to Grilld so that Josiah could get some chips and to a video store where I picked up some free movie posters (whoo!), we headed across Carlton and up Nicholson Street (pictured) to the Workers’ Club for some post-film drinks and discussion. James and I went to McDonalds on the way home before realising that I was locked out of my place as I had neglected to bring my keys with me. But it was ok, as he lives down the street, so we went there to watching Q&A and Lateline instead. Oh, Barnaby!

Day 310- June 27, 2010

Maxim had his first concert with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra today! Since starting with Melbourne Youth Music some years ago, he’s worked his way up through a few orchestras and is now not only in their most senior orchestra, but playing in first violin. Whooo! (I’m looking forward to the wild parties that he’ll be able to bring me to when he goes pro).

I made my way to the South Melbourne Town Hall, where the orchestra was performing, attempting to avoid the football crowds and roadwork along the way. Once I had arrived, negotiated a rather tight parking spot (free though, so…) and lunched, I went to the hall for the concert. The orchestra played some works by Bela Bartok, who is (or was, rather) somewhat bitchingly badass. It was quite good. Also, the tubas made me laugh.

Then off to Josiah’s to jam. We did Bowie and Astley (lol) and made up our own stuff. And ate food. And so forth and so forth.

Day 309- June 26, 2010

Hooray! No work for three weeks! And I managed to get most of my exam correction done during the day. Only seven papers left (out of about fifty). So that’s a win.

In the evening, I made my way, through rain of the torrential kind, to Aretha’s place. I had not been there before and so it took me a while to find it (spotting street signs on rainy nights is difficult). At least I didn’t get lost for as long as Jackie. I entered, clutching my rented copy of A Beautiful Mind and grateful to be out of the cold, and was impressed by the extremely high ceilings. There were all sorts of nice things, such as the clock featured in Today’s Photo and some decorative plates with pictures of Moomintroll and other whimsical (to quote DVD subtitles) Finnish characters.

After a brief sojourn to Safeway for supplies, we returned to make nachos and watch aforementioned film starring Russell Crowe as a schizophrenic mathematical genius who is married to the girl whose baby brother was stolen by David Bowie in that other movie. She’s older now, although still quite annoying. There is also a marked lack of Bowie, which is a bit disappointing. We consoled ourselves with chocolate.

That’s pretty much it. Good night.

Day 308- June 25, 2010

I didn’t wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. I vacuumed instead. I wonder how often Mr Diddy does the vacuuming. Not often is my guess.

Then to the gym (via being annoyed by a large group of idiotic young males on the train). After riding the stationery bike, I thought it was time for a change and took one of the hire bikes (pictured) down Swanston Street to Jungle Juice instead of taking the tram. It was the first time I’d ridden a bike on anything but quiet suburban roads, but I think that if you’re going to be riding anywhere in the city, Swanston Street is the way to go. Most of the way from the uni to La Trobe Street is on a bike lane segregated from traffic by concrete barriers and parked cars, and then once in the grid, you have only delivery vehicles and trams to contend with.

Coffee at Jungle Juice was good, even if the staff are getting a bit annoyed at Josiah for continually bringing large groups into their cafe that take up all the room. There was one very rude girl that kept asking whether people were going to order. I told her that I had ordered fifteen minutes ago and was still waiting for my drink. Grr. After that, we moved towards Carlton to meet with a friend of somebody’s (can’t remember whether it was Josiah’s or Matt’s) and to the Prince Albert for drinks, wedges and discussing of Julia Gillard and Iphones. And many inappropriate Michael J Fox jokes. How insensitive.

I went back with Andrew to his place and then to mine for sausage rolls and learning how to say lesbian in sign language. Thank you Steph.

Day 307- June 24, 2010

Holy Caucus Ballot, Batman! Australia’s first female Prime Minister! This is an interesting development in Australian politics, what with the upcoming election. Undoubtedly, the Opposition will make all sorts of accusations and engage in all sorts of name-calling, all of which will be excellent fodder for the newspapers. It really is good to have a bit of intrigue to keep the papers interesting, and much nicer to read about than atrocities, disasters and everything else that occurs in the western suburbs.

After heading off to the dentist and paying an entire four dollars (hooray for private health insurance!) to be told that my teeth are fine but should be flossed more regularly, I went to Carlton to meet with Jackie. We went to a cafe in Lygon St for coffee (or in her case, a hot chocolate) and split a delicious Nutella pizza (pictured). Om nom nom. After the “pizza” had been consumed and my parking meter expired, we went back to my place to continue the party with James, who had just finished exams (hooray for him, why not). We enjoyed a Costco lasagne, some chocolate and Glee.