Day 284- June 1, 2010

Money, money, money. No, that’s not how much money I made or anything like that. It’s how much it just cost to service my car. Ouch. Who would have thought tires would need changing?

Not a fantastically interesting day. I slept past noon. I ate too much for lunch (pancetta and grilled cheese is just too delicious). I watched 30 Rock (again). I studied for my psych exam. I got sleepy reading about sleep disorders. I fell asleep and was awoken by my dog. Yeah, like she cares about my exam.

And so it was another day where I’m scrambling for a photo to put on the blog. It’s not that an exciting a photo, although what’s in it could be exciting if it wasn’t slipping out of your hands. I also took this photo, playing around with long exposure. That’s a 30-second shot, which is the longest you can go without manually holding the button down. You’d probably need a remote shutter release for that. In this case, the room was in complete darkness, with only a tiny bit of light coming through under the door. I had to brighten the photo by an incredible amount digitally, which makes it quite grainy. Which is pretty cool.

I don’t have a tripod or a monopod or one of those freaky things that looks like a spider from space (Mars, perhaps?) that’s used to attach cameras to surfaces, so long exposure shots consist of me putting my camera on a surface like a bench. I really should get a tripod– it would be fun to do night shots or those ones where you get all the people in the city blurred. If your exposure is long enough, it can even look like there’s nobody there at all.


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