Day 285- June 2, 2010

Oh. Argh. My head. Too much psychology will do that to you. That’s what makes the subject hard to study- reading about sleep makes you sleep, reading about depression is depressing and anything to with parts of the brain that are named with big complicated words gives me a headache.

So I had cake. Cake was the reward. I told myself that if I got through taking note on all the lecture slides, I would be rewarded with scrumptious cake. Yes, it’s come to that. Bribing myself. And then taking a photo of cake in the microwave, as I didn’t step out of the house today. Well, I did, but it was to help Mum get shopping out of the car.

Fascinating. Frankly, I don’t have that much more to say. Here, have a video instead. It’s a Belarussian version of The Big Bang Theory.


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