Day 286- June 3, 2010

Vadim has two toilets. Where is your passport? I am inviting you to the opera. These are just some of the varied and useful sentences that you will learn if you take Russian at Melbourne University. (You will also learn that having more than one toilet in your house makes you extremely desirable to Russian women… oh, what luxury!).

So today was Russian day. Reading, note-taking, conjugating verbs, changing word endings, the lot of it. I really hope I do well in next week’s exam. It would be pretty embarrassing if I didn’t (as long as I remember all the cases and all the genders and all the exceptions, everything should go smoothly).

Then after all that study and watching of 30 Rock and eating, I went out with my family for more eating. No points for guessing where we went, because it was to our usual joint, the Denn. It must have been a special minimalist theme night, because I had about two grams of meat on my lamb pizza. Very artistic. Not wanting to annoy everybody by taking photos during dinner, I didn’t bring my camera to the restaurant (whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?) and instead took some light painting-type shots while in the car.


One response to “Day 286- June 3, 2010

  1. I like the photo of the day!

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