Day 288- June 5, 2010

Eugh cold mornings. And hooray for having my classroom in the staffroom (and hence continual access to hot water).

After work, I popped by Lena’s studio. Crossing the road, I was almost bogged down by the amount of sand left on the road by the trams. It was almost like a beach. Or perhaps some sort of water park. The tram tracks going down Gertrude into Smith looked like high-velocity water slides for small animals. I bought a coffee and went up the extremely anti-OH&S stairs to the studio, where I talked with Lena as she worked on her art (it looks like a sci-fi city… perhaps Robert Doyle should take notice?). Her studiomate (is that a word?) David also offered me some glue to sniff, but I politely declined, as I was driving.

Then home-  an extremely wet and congested journey. At least I had music to keep me company. Music, sweet music, to quote the great Michael Franti. Not having a photo, I dragged Maxim out into the cold after dinner to try to photograph the condensation that happens when you breath in the cold. It was difficult and hence unsuccessful. I did, instead, get a shot of the street, showing how dark it gets in the early evening. I think the house in the background looks a bit horror movie-ish.


6 responses to “Day 288- June 5, 2010

  1. Hi sasha, what make of camera do you have?

  2. Nikon D3000, it’s pretty much the same as the D60

  3. would you recommend it? and how did you choose it in particular over canon, other brands etc? i’m sort of in the market and i’m not really sure what i’m looking for.

  4. Well, in terms of DSLRs, it’s pretty much Canon or Nikon. Some people will disagree, but I think they out-do the others, like Sony or Pentax. In terms of the DSLR range, the D3000 is the entry level. It’s equivalent to the D60 but better than the D40. Also, if you’re shopping at that price range ($800 body), even Canon people will admit that Nikon outperforms Canon. Ask around?

  5. Your house does look like a Horror movie set.

  6. That’s not my house, that’s the house across the road. YOU HAVE BEEN TO MY HOUSE BEFORE!

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