Day 289- June 6, 2010

Sunday morning rain is falling. Steal some covers, share some skin. Wait. That’s not the start to my day. That’s the start to a Maroon 5 song. My bad.

Woke up, had a shower, had McDonalds for breakfast. You know how I roll. I’m supporting my parents in their no-junk-food diet starting tomorrow, and I’ve tried to eat as much unhealthy stuff this weekend as possible. That’s the great thing about starting to eat healthily. If you’re starting in a few days, you even eat whatever you like until then and you don’t feel guilty.

Just as well I was eating chips and chocolate. Sort of made up for the fact that I spent most of the day trying to do an assignment. It’s ok. I made progress. And James was thoroughly unhelpful. Apparently, he was working on another assignment first, as it was due tomorrow. Pfffft. So I sat most of the day on my bed, working. I tried to sit on my armchair, but it’s right in the winter sun and when I sit there, I feel like my hair’s on fire. The sunlight’s nice in the winter, though. Nice and warm in the house too. And the weather for soups. Mmm tasty soups. On the stove. On the gas stove (pictured). Nice segue, no? Heh.

I also watched The Human Centipede. That’s messed up. But funny. And now, The Room.


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