Day 291- June 8, 2010

Ok, so I wrote this a day late. Give me a break. I’m busy (to quote almost all of the characters from The Room).

I kinda woke up late. Not sure how that happened. I set my alarm for 9 and when I woke up, my alarm had been switched off and it was quarter to 10. Damn you, Sleeping Me! So instead, I made my way to the uni via motorcar (heh I love that word) for my Russian oral exam. This oral exam was the Easiest Thing in the World, consisting of reading a dialogue from the textbook, answering questions on said dialogue, very basic dictation and then some basic questions, such as how I got to uni that day (motorcar).

Feeling pleased with how I did in the oral, I met with Aretha for coffee, at which point I lost any feeling of happiness as we discussed the afternoon’s Psych exam. Ugh. It’s ok. Coffee makes things better. Then Jackie came in (late!) and we had lunch and discussed how screwed we were. The consensus was: a fair bit. In case you haven’t noticed, the whole medical/neurological side of psychology isn’t my favourite. Too many big words, too many pictures of brains and too many diagrams of neuronal synapses and how these are affected by drugs.

We walked to the Carlton Gardens, and having three quarters of an hour before the exam, we sat down, right next to the large fountain with which the wind kindly showered us. Mmm getting sprayed on a winter’s day. Finally, the announcement came and we all slowly shuffled into the Royal Exhibition Building (pictured) to take our seats, write down our student numbers at least a half dozen times and begin the dreary process known as Taking An Exam. At least it only took 45 minutes. Hooray for multiple choice! (And I didn’t even have to guess too many of them).

Came home, ate food and spend the night watching Youtube clips. Glenn Beck is a complete idiot.


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