Day 293- June 10, 2010

Yay! Uni’s over for the semester! I now have over six weeks in which to sleep, cook, bike, photograph, read and all those other fun things.

Arising from my slumber, I broke my fast and left for the university for coffee (which turned out to be banana smoothies) with Charlotte and Jackie. A very neat little business arrangement we had: as I arrived, I handed Jackie a book and Charlotte handed me $50. The money was some that I had lent to her boyfriend a few weeks ago and which had apparently been a heavy burden on her, as she was freaked out by carrying this money that she was afraid of accidentally spending. As for Jackie, she couldn’t be bothered buying the textbook for one of our subjects but needed it to complete an assignment. How fortunate she is to know me. Especially since in a dream I had last night, I forgot the book at home (shock horror!).

So after some period of drinking aforementioned banana smoothies, talking about the weather and quoting Seinfeld, I went off to my final exam for the semester, Russian 1A. It was pretty easy, but I kept forgetting what endings to put on. Gah! But no matter- I’m sure I did fine and none of that matters because now I’m free. Whoooooooo. After handing in my Research Methods assignment, I was well and truly free and so headed off to the pub for post-Russian exam drinks. Good fun.

No photo though- unfortunate. Seems to be a recurrent theme, that I reach the end of the day and have nothing, even though I’ve had my camera with me all day. So I took a photo of Maxim practising violin (as he does). He looks a bit different to normal…


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