Day 297- June 14, 2010

Happy birthday to the Queen! I don’t think it’s her actual birthday, but we get a public holiday, so it’s close enough. I mean, it’s kind of moot for me considering I’ve finished for the semester, but the fact that my family had the day off meant that we could go for a trip up to the Yarra Valley.

We set off north with music playing, watching the suburbia thin out (which happens really quickly in this part of the city). Once you drive a few kilometers north of where I live, you encounter what looks like country, which is pretty cool. But also kinda freaky, because it’s like it’s hiding there, just waiting for you to visit. And then, all of a sudden, HORSES IN JACKETS! (And, occasionally, alpacas). We drove up past Hurstbridge on the super winding and somewhat cliff-adjacent road to Kinglake, and then onwards (along more winding road) to Healsville, where we stopped to have coffee, walk around (pictured) and look through some shops. We ended up buying some wine and cider, but I decided that $30 was probably too expensive for a vintage postcard of trains.

Then to Toolangi Tavern for lunch. I found it while driving around with Sarah, and so we went there, as it’s a pretty cool place. I hadn’t eaten yet and was quite hungry, which was a good thing considering the size of the portions. Dad and I also sampled some local beers. And when you thought I wouldn’t be able to put anything more into my mouth, we had dessert (mmm sundae). I also attempted to photograph some chickens, but there were children running around and they did a fairly good job of chasing them away. Silly birds.

And then home. I’m still full.


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