Day 301- June 18, 2010

An… interesting day. I was on my train to uni and this couple got on at the station after mine. They didn’t make out; I could have dealt with that. No, this dastardly duo spent the entire trip (also getting off at the same station as me!) tickling and poking and slapping each other, screaming and giggling and whacking like bleeding five year olds. No they were not tweens; they were in their late 20s and SHOULD HAVE BLOODY WELL KNOWN BETTER! I sat there plotting how I would kill them and eventually settling on using the guy’s hideous ponytail to strangle the both of them.

By the time I got off the train, I was feeling quite annoyed and the fact that I had to push my way through schoolchildren to a tram so that I could ride on it and then bump my head on it didn’t help. I got to uni and went to the print shop to print off an essay that I was re-submitting. Unfortunately, there is now only one computer in the print shop and the two people in front of me in the line took figuratively forever! (Well, they didn’t take literally forever, as should be obvious). The more annoying of the two was a woman who was obviously carrying out some sort of research project, as she printed off various ethics committee approval forms, questionnaires and the like. She also had the annoying habit of completely re-reading everything that she was printing just to make sure it didn’t evolve into a phoneobok and spent a while changing the font of her “signature” at the bottom of some letter. She ended up changing it to Bradley Hand. I certainly judged her for that one.

Then, after I had submitted the essay (the office was closed and there were no pens but luckily a passing tradie gave me one) and gone to the gym in order to experience asthma-like symptoms owing to the fact that I’m still getting over a cold, I went to pick up an essay that was being handed back. Argh. Bad mark. Like, really bad mark. That did not make me feel good. (Although it was probably better that these events happened in this order, because if I was in a shitty mood from getting a bad mark, had a headache from hitting my head on a tram and had not been able to breath properly from going to the gym, I definitely would have killed that couple. And the police tend to frown on things like that).

Then, luckily, my day got better. I hopped onto a tram which didn’t assault me and went down to Centre Place and Jungle Juice with Josiah and Co. The combination of Beck and strong coffee made me feel better and we talked about music and children’s shows we watched when we were little. Much more pleasant. The music was a bit too loud, but it was Radiohead, so all was well. Except for the people who were like “What is this?”, to which I replied “Like, Radiohead?”. That last part isn’t entirely true. I don’t talk like I’m from Mean Girls. (Radiohead was being played, however; keep up!).

Then, Lord of the Fries for lunch and to another cafe in Degraves Street (pictured), where Josiah ordered a coffee and the rest of us just drank water. Sweet, free water. And now I’m home, showered and in pajamas. Now to have dinner, put clothes back on and go out again to Alice’s “farewell” (she’s going on holiday for a month… pffft) drinks.


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  1. I enjoyed this entry much too much.

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