Day 302- June 19, 2010

Last night was lovely. Well, once I got to the bar. Until then it was alternately amusing and annoying. Amusing because two somewhat drunk fellows on the train were discussing the merits of absinthe and annoying because the tram was quite late. Gah! (But then I was amused again because somebody drove past tooting a vuvuzela).

The bar in question was a joint in Fitzroy known as Lambs Go (WTF, right?) and the occasion was Alice’s “going-away” (for a month). I was expecting to see more people I knew there, but it didn’t matter. I knew Alice and her boyfriend Simon and socially mooched from that point. I like to call it social networking. Like Facebook. Except nobody poked me. Simon grabbed me from behind and scared me half to death, but that was ok. In addition to meeting new people, I also sampled new beers, which was most excellent, considering the beer list (it’s like a wine list except you can drop the pretentious French accent) was about four pages long and had at least a hundred beers from around the world.

I went home, went to bed, got up, went to work and our story continues when I finished and came home (because Year 8 exam revision isn’t the most exciting thing in the world). It was my grandmother’s namesday, so we went Bokchoy Tang, a Chinese restaurant in Federation Square. It was a really nice place, sophisticated without being stuffy or intimidating. Also, we were sitting right in front of the “sun”, which was kind of weird. The food was lovely; I had spicy Szechuan chicken and the others shared a seafood hot pot (SIZZLEMANIA!), cripsy cumin lamb, sweet and sour fish and oyster mushrooms.

We then went back to my grandmother’s for more food- some delicious chocolate cake from Laurent’s and what I presume to be macaroons. They were delicious. And now, as is quite usual for me, I am quite full. Good day.


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