Day 303- June 20, 2010

Gah. Such a gloomy day. Sometimes it doesn’t affect me. Especially if I’m in the city, which tends to look mysterious beneath dark skies. Or if it’s raining (and you’re indoors– that bit is important!) and the sound of rain makes up for the clouds. Other days, it just makes me lethargic. Eugh.

Hence, nothing much transpired for most of the day. I think everybody else was feeling the weather-based lethargy, and Mum tried to fight it by Being Productive and shifting furniture around. It’s her biannual hobby, in which she declares that things must be moved around and then is frustrated at the fact that everything is where it should be and is currently in the best place it can be. I offered to move the furniture to ridiculous and impractical places so that she could move at back and be pleased with herself, but I don’t think that was enough for her.

She ended up coming up with the idea of moving the keyboard from my room so that my armchair would no longer be over the vent and I wouldn’t freeze to death on winter nights. Possibly an improvement to the status quo. So the keyboard was moved and now I have more room in my room (although, regrettably, one less surface to dump things on). It was so exciting that I just had to take a photo of myself sitting in the armchair, now with more room! (The more likely explanation is that I got to about 1am without a single photo for the day).

After dinner, Andrew came over and we watched 2012. It was a long movie in which many things blew up and in which Russians were sterotypically Russian. Good times.


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