Day 304- June 21, 2010

Stayed at home today. Just as well, what with some guy running around Melbourne with a shotgun. It’s nice to know that you live in a city with such a low crime rate that one man with a gun is enough to warrant lockdown of most of the CBD, but it’s also a tad alarming when dozens of policemen, including special taskforces, dog units and air surveillance can’t track down said lone gunman.

I guess it was a pretty good excuse for vegging at home: “Can’t go out, man from Colac will shoot me”. I think I’ll brave the outside world tomorrow and go to the gym, however, so that I don’t turn into a big fat roly-poly person or some sort of eccentric recluse. Weather be damned!

As such, the day was relatively uneventful. I watched Legion on Skypecast with Steph. It was very silly. Basically, God wants to destroy humanity and so, instead of using his power of omnipotence, sends a bunch of zombie-like possessed people to kill a pregnant woman carrying the saviour of humanity (how many times have I seen that motif before?) and the archangel Michael goes AWOL to protect said pregnant woman. In the end, there’s a lot of fighting and for some unexplained reason, God changes his mind or something silly like that. In fact, there are a lot of unexplained things…

So, in the absence of anything terribly relevant to photograph for the blog, I ended up going on one of those “interesting things around the house” missions. Today’s Photo is some old books (some of them 19th century!) on a bookshelf in one of our corridors.


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