Day 305- June 22, 2010

Hooray! I finally managed to drag myself out of the house and towards some Productive and Worthwhile activities. For example, I tried out that new bike share/hire service that’s been popping up around Melbourne. You pay $2.50 for a day (or $8 for a week or $50 for a year) and can take out a bike from these “stations” across Melbourne for half an hour and return it to any one of them.

I never have a helmet on me so I hadn’t used it before, but then I noticed that there were two bike stations at the uni. So, what with my penchant for pointlessness (alliteration!), I rode from the tram stop to the gym. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out how to change gears without running down inappropriately-placed groups of high school students, so I rode along in first gear for a while before finding the Secret Hidden Switch that decreased your gear ratio and make you look a bit less silly while riding.

I went to the gym, managed not to pass out or fall over or whatever it is I typically do when I haven’t been for a while and my fitness level plummets to that of a bedridden octogenarian, came back out and COULDN’T BACK BACK ON THE BIKE! The horrible little red light mocked me, refusing to accept my super hi-tech PIN (31133) and forcing me to walk the entire 200m or so back to the tram. Quelle horreur! (The beauty of writing, such as in a blog, is that you can use foreign phrases which make you sound terribly sophisticated and you don’t have to be afraid of pronouncing them badly and being humiliated).

I was hungry, so I ventured home for lunch and then spent a good deal of time drooling over slices in Donna Hay before tutoring. I am now watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Youtube. It is a most excellent show, and given the chance, I would shake Noel Fielding’s hand. Of course, none of this was photographed, so instead enjoy a photo of what lurks under my bed. The answer is: shoes.


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