Day 307- June 24, 2010

Holy Caucus Ballot, Batman! Australia’s first female Prime Minister! This is an interesting development in Australian politics, what with the upcoming election. Undoubtedly, the Opposition will make all sorts of accusations and engage in all sorts of name-calling, all of which will be excellent fodder for the newspapers. It really is good to have a bit of intrigue to keep the papers interesting, and much nicer to read about than atrocities, disasters and everything else that occurs in the western suburbs.

After heading off to the dentist and paying an entire four dollars (hooray for private health insurance!) to be told that my teeth are fine but should be flossed more regularly, I went to Carlton to meet with Jackie. We went to a cafe in Lygon St for coffee (or in her case, a hot chocolate) and split a delicious Nutella pizza (pictured). Om nom nom. After the “pizza” had been consumed and my parking meter expired, we went back to my place to continue the party with James, who had just finished exams (hooray for him, why not). We enjoyed a Costco lasagne, some chocolate and Glee.


One response to “Day 307- June 24, 2010

  1. Glee is too enjoyable.

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