Day 309- June 26, 2010

Hooray! No work for three weeks! And I managed to get most of my exam correction done during the day. Only seven papers left (out of about fifty). So that’s a win.

In the evening, I made my way, through rain of the torrential kind, to Aretha’s place. I had not been there before and so it took me a while to find it (spotting street signs on rainy nights is difficult). At least I didn’t get lost for as long as Jackie. I entered, clutching my rented copy of A Beautiful Mind and grateful to be out of the cold, and was impressed by the extremely high ceilings. There were all sorts of nice things, such as the clock featured in Today’s Photo and some decorative plates with pictures of Moomintroll and other whimsical (to quote DVD subtitles) Finnish characters.

After a brief sojourn to Safeway for supplies, we returned to make nachos and watch aforementioned film starring Russell Crowe as a schizophrenic mathematical genius who is married to the girl whose baby brother was stolen by David Bowie in that other movie. She’s older now, although still quite annoying. There is also a marked lack of Bowie, which is a bit disappointing. We consoled ourselves with chocolate.

That’s pretty much it. Good night.


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