Day 310- June 27, 2010

Maxim had his first concert with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra today! Since starting with Melbourne Youth Music some years ago, he’s worked his way up through a few orchestras and is now not only in their most senior orchestra, but playing in first violin. Whooo! (I’m looking forward to the wild parties that he’ll be able to bring me to when he goes pro).

I made my way to the South Melbourne Town Hall, where the orchestra was performing, attempting to avoid the football crowds and roadwork along the way. Once I had arrived, negotiated a rather tight parking spot (free though, so…) and lunched, I went to the hall for the concert. The orchestra played some works by Bela Bartok, who is (or was, rather) somewhat bitchingly badass. It was quite good. Also, the tubas made me laugh.

Then off to Josiah’s to jam. We did Bowie and Astley (lol) and made up our own stuff. And ate food. And so forth and so forth.


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