Day 311- June 28, 2010

Melbourne University has been so kind as to scrap its old timetabling system and give us a brand new one, complete with colour coding and all that jazz. One minor problem; it works about as well as the New South Wales government. I set my alarm for 10am so that I could log on as soon as class registrations opened and make sure that I got a place in the classes I wanted. It took about 45 minutes to log into the system (well, I managed to get in earlier, but it didn’t save my class choices and sent me back to square one). On top of that, the music faculty are being notoriously lazy (as always) and have not yet finalised their timetable, so I have no idea when my music classes are. Gah!

That being (partially) sorted, I headed into the city with James to meet up with Josiah and Alex (via buying some presents and picking up 3.5kg of coffee, which I then lugged around for the remainder of the day). We went to the Nova to see an Australian crime film called Animal Kingdom. I thought it was pretty good, and I always get a kick of out seeing places I recognise (it was set in Melbourne). There was a fortunate lack of obviously touristy settings, such as Flinders Street Station, but I thought the inclusion of the NGV was a bit iffy. It was good to recognise less obvious locations and landmarks, though; for example, there was a shot taken down Little Collins Street and I was able to point out where I had picked up aforementioned 3.5kg of coffee.

After a brief detour to Grilld so that Josiah could get some chips and to a video store where I picked up some free movie posters (whoo!), we headed across Carlton and up Nicholson Street (pictured) to the Workers’ Club for some post-film drinks and discussion. James and I went to McDonalds on the way home before realising that I was locked out of my place as I had neglected to bring my keys with me. But it was ok, as he lives down the street, so we went there to watching Q&A and Lateline instead. Oh, Barnaby!


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