Day 312- June 29, 2010

Hooray! Off to Sarah’s tomorrow! It’s 9pm and I still haven’t packed, so I probably should get onto that at some point, but I do have a blog to write (mainly so I can pack up my computer).

After a lovely sleep-in and finishing my corrections, I had soup for breakfast and went off to Andrew’s, where I made the dogs jealous again by paying too much attention to the cat (who looks pretty much like this one). We then drove to Pricop’s in “convoy” with Avram following behind. Now that I think about it, we could have just gone in his car, but that would just make altogether too much sense.

Once at Pricop’s, we roused him from his sleep and went for lunch at McDonalds (where we saw people buying over a hundred dollars worth of promotional McDonalds drinking glasses… why?) and then back to watch The Book of Eli. I liked the fighting bits, but all the stuff about God seemed kind of strange for a Hollywood movie. SPOILER ALERT: I liked it when the bad guy finally got his hands on the last surviving copy of the Bible (somehow very important for his Evil Machinations) and then realised it was in Braille. It was bad for him because he could not read Braille. Egg on his face! Also, it was good because it had Tom Waits in it.

After giving Pricop’s girlfriend a lift home (she could have gone in Avram’s car but it was obvious that I had far better music), I came home for pizza, brownies, taking a photo of my father blowing his nose (to quote George Constanza, I’ve got nothing) and blogging. And now I must pack and get some sleep. Earlyish flight tomorrow. Zero hour, 8.35am (doesn’t fit as well, does it?).


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  1. *excitement*

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