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Day 344- July 31, 2010

Work. Worky work. Much discussion of pronouns and Myki and then there was a period of approximately ten minutes of uncontrollable laughter after I inadvertently drew something resembling a cross-section of the act of copulation while attempting to explain to how organise brainstormed ideas into related categories. Sigh.

A decent drive home, despite it being International Drive At Least 10 Under Day (which is, I suppose, better than last Saturday’s International Let’s Dispense With Driving In A Straight Line Day). I arrived home to freshly made corn muffins and soup featuring corn as well as a myriad of other things, all of which were delicious. Or at least, of all which combined for a delicious result. It could well have been the Captain Planet of soup (because frankly, everybody knew that Heart was pretty stupid).

Television watching ensued and then I was hungry (as I am apt to be) and so mixed various things (banana, milk, oats, cocoa) in a pan and ate it. It wasn’t too bad, apart from when I got a chunk of badly mixed cocao and died of bitterness. And so forth, and so forth, and so forth. Today’s Photo is abstract. Deal with it.


Day 343- July 30, 2010

Gargh! (That’s like “argh” but with more emphasis or perhaps something stuck in one’s throat). Every semester, I am totally confused by which tutes start in the first week and which ones don’t. It’s all very confusing, especially since they don’t make it easy to find. So I showed up for my Terrorism tute and of course I was the only one there. Awkward. Or it would have been if somebody was there (it’s a bit “if a tree falls in a forest…”). I felt better when somebody came into my Russian tute (next period, same room) looking for his tute. They start next week, I told him.

Then after an hour of discussing vaudeville, revue, burlesque, operetta and the such in my Broadway tute (well an hour less the time I spent walking around the Conservatory looking for the room), I went to the gym where I did stuff that made my body hurt for an hour. Well, I spent an hour doing the things. My body still hurts. I guess that’s my own fault for being sedentary for over a month. Eugh.

Once home, I had toast, which was good. Toast is generally good but this was particularly good toast, which combined with environmental factors (such as it being a cold day), made the whole experience quite enjoyable. It even gave me strength to go out and photograph the drooping branches of our ornamental apricot tree swaying in the wind (pictured). I would have said “blowin’ in the wind”, but that would have been a bit hackneyed. Finally, dinner (speaking of food, as we were) was salmon that I pan-fried (getting lots of lovely splats of hot oil all over me) and ate with an Asian-y concoction of chili, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil (I LEFT OUT THE GINGER!). It was good.

Day 342- July 29, 2010

First day back at uni. Well, it was technically the second, but the way I figure it, one hour of lecture does make a day at uni. Not really. Five and half hours is more like it.

Firstly, cognitive psychology. I really really hope that it’s better than last semester’s biological psychology subject. That confused me, what with the ventral this and the contralesional that and the eleven ways in which psychoactive drugs can affect neural activity. Eugh. This seems to be better so far. I mean, we get to learn about artificial intelligence (they’ve taught a robot to respond to emotions). Then Russian, which was… Russian. It would seem I have to shell out another $100 or so to buy another textbook. Double eugh.

After buying some heavy and expensive textbooks in the bookshop (where I tried very hard not to buy books I didn’t need and was brusquely told by a security guard to put my bag in the bag room DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT WAS SMALLER THAN THE SIGN WHICH INDICATES THE DIMENSIONS ABOVE WHICH A BAG MUST BE PUT IN THE BAG ROOM). Sigh. Wandering to South Lawn, I spotted Josiah et al (“et al” is a phrase which means “Josiah’s friends” and also “the majority of Melbourne”) and had a good chat and a hot dog (from a nearby barbecue– obviously Josiah wasn’t giving them out!). He also struck an attractive and amusing pose with my┬ámustache-themed lip balm (from Etsy!) for the blog (pictured).

Then in the evening, oh Joy of Joys, six back-to-back episodes of Big Bang Theory. I love that show!

Day 341- July 28, 2010

Slept better last night. Hooray! After making a packed lunch for the first time in a while and trying to fit everything into my bag (gym stuff, lunch, camera, wallet, water bottle, notepad, book– I succeeded by some Herculean effort), I headed off to the gym (where my efforts, or at least their outcomes, were far less Herculean). You have to start somewhere after a month of inactivity, overeating and being sick most of the time.

Two very noisy trams later, I arrived at Kinfolk, a non-profit cafe near the intersection of Bourke and Spencer. I’d read about in The Age and thought it might be a good idea to volunteer there. It was pretty awesome, especially for that wasteland of monstrous office buildings that lies west of Queen St. All the chairs were funky and mismatched, there were lots of books on ladders-turned-bookshelf, the menu looked pretty good and it was just generally, well, awesome. I’ll be volunteering there Wednesday mornings from now on, so that should be pretty fun.

Forgetting that not all Elizabeth St trams go up past the uni (usually catching Swanston St trams, which all do), I was treated a bit of a walk through what city planning brochures like to call Melbourne’s “biomedical precinct”. I think they just like the term “precinct’. Arts precinct, business precinct, legal precinct… No idea why. It’s a bugger to type for some reason; your fingers get all jammed up. Or more precisely, my fingers get all jammed up. Perhaps it’s just me… But I digress. After said walk between the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and what will soon be some other hospital (for cancer patients, apparently), I found my way to my first lecture for the semester– my breadth subject, Broadway.

It’s not too bad as far as subjects go, although I do get the feeling that having showtunes stuck in my head will get to be quite annoying. Today’s lecture was an introduction to Broadway, delivered mostly through the format of a documentary starring Julie Andrews. Also, our lecture is in Melba Hall, which is a pretty nice place in which to have a lecture. Much better than the Public Lecture Theatre, which is specifically designed to put people to sleep through dim lighting and is about twice as effective as rohypnol.

After some tutoring and dinner, I felt like a snack. A healthy snack to be precise. So I found (on the Internet, of course) this interesting recipe for apple couscous. By recipe, I mean that you have to soak couscous in orange juice and then mix in grated apple and cinnamon. It’s very Masterchef.

Day 340- July 27, 2010

Argh. Did not sleep well. Ended up falling asleep around half past four. As a consequence, I slept past noon. That has to do wonders for my sleep-wake cycle. Stupid suprachiasmatic nucleus! (Or whatever– I really did not remember that much of the sleep unit from last semester’s psychology subject as I was, ironically, sleeping for most of the time).

I went to Centrelink where I stood in line for quite a while only to be told that I wasn’t eligible for any payments (I am, however, apparently eligible for a card that gives me a discount on medicine and water bills… hurrah!). I returned home, where I ate pumpkin soup because I was hungry. This is a very good reason to eat things such as pumpkin soup and a good indication of how boring my day was. I mean, come on, the highlight was cooking up some chicken Mum was making for dinner. Stirring is very┬átherapeutic. I think that it should be a recognised alternative medical treatment and that you should be able to claim Medicare on it. I’m not really sure what you’d need to claim on. The cost of the spoon and the pan and whatever you’re stirring?

Again, no photo. I didn’t really want to take my camera with me to Centrelink. Even if the guy with whom I spoke was wearing a shirt that I also have. I somehow don’t think that he’d appreciate being photographed for blogging purposes. So instead it’s another “something round the house” type photo. A photo of a photo, in fact. A photo of a photo on a bookshelf, to be more precise. A photo of a photo of Mum as a child with her cousins on a bookshelf, to take precision to its next level and simultaneously introduce an element of ambiguity (is the photo on the bookshelf or are the cousins on the bookshelf?).

Day 339- July 26, 2010

Things I learned today:

1. Optus mobile broadband plans start at $20 a month for a 24 month contract, giving you one gigabyte of data to use between 7am and 11.59pm and two gigabytes to use between midnight and 6.59am

2. Packet risotto should never be made in the microwave despite what is written on the packet as this leads to dry risotto and a messy microwave

3. If you are an FBI agent attempting to catch a crazed trucker who uses kidnapping as a way to meet women (and then murder as a way of getting rid of them), put the trucker’s child on his CB frequency to guilt him into releasing his hostage (but then don’t forget to cover the child’s eyes when he shoots himself!).

4. ABC3, the station’s dedicated children’s channel, sure does show a lot of creepy stuff

5. Good News Week is very unfunny

6. If you have a daily blog in which you post a photo but have not taken any photographs because you wasted your time watching TV (see points 3 through to 5) and making horrible risotto, you can always play around with candle lighting and take photos of nothing in particular– well, actually it’s an empty pasta sauce bottle (pictured).

Day 338- July 25, 2010

After some Vitamin Water and sunning ourselves on the balcony, we went down to Chapel Street for breakfast. I’d never eaten breakfast in a suit jacket before, but I only had the clothes I was wearing the night before. It wasn’t a bad thing. Neither was bacon and eggs. Yum.

I got home and went straight out again (well, after a shower) with my parents to Costco. I’d never been there before and wanted to check it out. After getting a park and a supersize shopping trolley, we shuffled like cattle into a lift the size of a small house and into the gargantuan warehouse. Feel like several hundred kilograms of flour? What about “meat by the case”? What about getting run over by hyperactive children riding aforementioned supersized shopping trolleys? You’ve found the place!

After stocking up on vast quantities of everything, standing in line while cashiers whizzed a thousand items past their scanners every minute and heading back into the car via the cattle lift, we went to the Docklands (pictured) in search of coffee. We ended up in a Middle Eastern place called Mecca Bah, where the delicious smells instantly turned ” just some coffee” into “coffee and could we please see the menu?”. Some spicy potato cakes, sausages and chicken pastries later, we headed back home (also, we had perishables in the car).