Day 314- July 1, 2010

Argh. I can never really sleep in when I’m not in my own house. There’s probably some scientific explanation for it. I’ll ask about it next time I do a sleep study.

After a breakfast of porridge and a period of lying on the trampoline in the sun (if only I could photosynthesise…), Sarah and I went for lunch (a large and delicious bowl of chips) and coffee. Coffee is an essential mineral necessary for me to live, so this part was Especially Important. After going up the street to bother Anna at work (she works in a bookshop), we bought some gelato and drove to a carpark overlooking a beach to eat and listen to music. Music is also Especially Important. I don’t get withdrawal headaches if I don’t get it, but I do get sad, and that is not very good.

Of course, I didn’t manage to take any photos of annoying Anna in the bookshop or of the beach views. I didn’t even get a photo of a bunch of us playing Cranium after dinner! (It is a game in which you get into teams and get incredibly frustrated and then if you are very lucky, somebody will win the game). So Today’s Photo is of some particularly… unique glasses that Sarah took out for my amusement. It turned out that we didn’t drink from them, but we had some coffee liqueur while watching The Room. Now they understand my ridiculous sayings!


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