Day 316- July 3, 2010

Argh. Sore throat. Go away. I don’t like you very much. You make my throat sore (obviously).

After a brunch of chips and coffee at our favourite cafe (304), we went to the new local Safeway to get lost and get some things. I bought some Strepsils that contained some sort of anesthetic which is supposed to numb the throat (but which would be much more effective if replaced with codeine or something fun like that). I also bought some shaving blades because the last time I bought blades was when I was up here in January, and that is a long time over which to use a measly four blades. I think by the end they were so blunt that I was pretty much just rubbing off the hair.

We then promptly returned back to 304 for the fourth time in as many days. I think they’re getting sick of us. Almost as bad as Josiah and Jungle Juice. And as if that wasn’t enough food, we ate a packet of raspberries with Anna upon returning home (including some skewer-style off Anna’s dagger-shaped letter opener). Om nom nom.

Then the rest of Snuff Box and a Skype call to Steph (during which some realtors came to inspect the house and Steph tried to make us laugh by pulling faces). When Sarah went to work, Anna and I cooked some sweet potato, made pasta sauce (pictured) and watched Hot Fuzz. You know, for the greater good.


One response to “Day 316- July 3, 2010

  1. The greater good.

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