Day 317- July 4, 2010

After a relaxing morning of eating leftovers for breakfast, reading the newspaper and playing the piano (well, that bit might have been just me), Sarah and I went down to 304 (what a surprise) to meet Anna and have lunch (pictured). Luckily, if the staff there are beginning to get sick of us, they’re certainly not showing any sign of it. I suppose their indie cred isn’t at stake like Jungle Juice. No indie cred. Just yummy food. And coffee. It is Very Important to have coffee.

The three of us went back home and watched something or other while scoffing cookies. Eugh. So many cookies. Being elated by the Tigers’ win, Sarah’s dad bought fish and chips for dinner and then Sarah made apple and berry crumble to eat with some gelato that Anna bought. Needless to say, I watched Bones while lying on the couch with a hot water bottle and bemoaning the deliciousness of food. At least Bones was enjoyable, as House would have been had I not fallen asleep on the couch and failed to follow the somewhat complicated episode plotline. There were lots of flashbacks, which made things confusing.


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