Day 318- July 6, 2010

Sarah and I rose (relatively) early and after a brief breakfast of leftover pasta, made our way down to the local cinema. Being an absolute gentleman and learning much from my father, I offered to let Sarah off at the cinema so that I could find a parking spot and save her the trouble of walking (that, and so that she could buy us tickets). Of course, this made Fate conspire (as she is apt to do), and the universe delivered to me (in a completely The Secret way), a parking spot right around the corner a la George Constanza.

We stood in line behind loud children and tired parents and some creepy adolescent who seemed to have a thing for Sarah. “We’ve got the same phone!” “Uh… alright?”. But it was ok because he went away and we watched Toy Story 3, which was very good. My favourite toy is the dinosaur because he is neurotic and has tiny arms. Afterwards, Sarah and I discussed our interpretations of the film. Sarah did not feel sorry for the pink bear. I thought that was ridiculous, because although he had fatal flaws (like in Greek tragedy!), his traumatic past was ultimately humanising (as much as is possible for an anthropomorphic pink bear).

Home for couscous and then out again for coffee (yay!) and sitting in the local library giggling at Girlfriend magazines before going shopping with Anna and returning to our car in the fading light of grungy Umina (it’s like Watsonia Grunge, but better views and more bogans)– pictured. We made risotto which even won the approval of Sarah’s father (I think he was still elated by the recent Tigers victory) and watched I Am Sam. It’s a sad movie, but it has Beatles songs, so that makes up for it.


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