Day 319- July 6, 2010

We tried to sleep in this morning. Well, as much as was possible with a tradie banging away at the lounge room wall. Bang, bang, thump, thump, drill, drill. So much noise to fix a small portion of wall. Grrr.

Being the ridiculous excuses for human beings that we are, Sarah, Anna and I dyed our hair with cheap supermarket temporary dye. Anna went purple (which turned out kind of purple-red), Sarah got “chocolate” (which she describes as “mild ranga”) and I had the dark red colour that has turned my hair mahogany and brought out my beautiful eyes. It took quite a while to wash the excess dye out of my hair and it kind of felt like a scene from Carrie. I guess it didn’t help that there was a drainage problem in the shower, so by the time I was done, I was about ankle deep in what looked like a mixture of blood and shampoo.

After some pasta and wearing of beanies (Sarah’s mum knitted her a new one), we dressed up in our Tuesday best and took the train to Newtown where we dined at a place called Ice & Slice (you know, like gelato and pizza) for Anna’s birthday (even though it’s actually in a few weeks)– pictured. We shared some pizzas and then had quite interesting desserts, including some very large ones. There were interesting gelato flavours such as balsamic strawberry (which I couldn’t taste properly because of my cold) and apple ginger. My black and white cookie sandwich with icecream was both delicious and large, and also reminded me of the “racial harmony” cookie from Seinfeld.

We made our way back to the station and armed with sugary delights and some bird plop on one of Anna’s bags, we made our way back to the Coast. Will upload more photos later.


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