Day 320- July 7, 2010

We got up and packed and into the car to escape the myriad of children playing at princesses and ghosts and other noisy creatures, heading off to visit Sarah’s grandparents in Borwal, south of Sydney. I was Very Responsible and checked the engine oil before we left (having pumped up the tyres a few days earlier). We had to make a brief turnaround to fetch the E-Tag, but that was about two minutes after we left the house, so it really wasn’t really wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.

After driving down the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway and through some particularly ugly suburbs, we got onto the freeway and a more pleasant drive. Turning off into a rest stop, we bought wedges to snack on and a particularly surly woman made me a horrible coffee. I’ve seen miserable looking people before, but this had to be a record. I guess that’s what happens when you work at a truck stop.

We journeyed onwards (kind of like Kerouac, except much less bohemian because we were actually driving a car) and made our way to Bowral, where I met Sarah’s grandfather (the acquaintance of her grandmother already having been made over a game of Scrabble last September). After some lunch, they took us to Illawarra Fly, a suspended platform-type lookout point with a view of the Illawarra and the coastal area about Wollongong. The highest point (at the top of a lookout tower) was about 45m about the ground, which was in turn adjacent to a cliff face. So yes, there were pretty good views and I even got some decent panorama shots (will upload later).

Then to a place called Carrington Falls, where we saw a mediocre looking creek become a raging waterfall and I made Sarah pose with her new beanie (pictured). I think her mother will be able to use it in her beanie catalogue. Returning home, we dined, Sarah’s grandfather told me stories about performing Cesareans on cows and then a game of Scrabble ensued. I got some bum letters (apparently EOEOEUI isn’t a word, which is a great pity, as I would have gotten 7 whole points), but ended up coming a distant second with a few good words but miles behind Sarah’s grandmother, who plays every week, does the crosswords every day and knows many many esoteric words (such as “adit”, which is a type of an entrance into a mine). Sigh.


One response to “Day 320- July 7, 2010

  1. I assume the first and second paragraphs are for me. Thanks for the assurance of your Responsible Behaviour.

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