Day 321- July 8, 2010

Firstly, a very frosty Bowral morning. Apparently we didn’t get up “early enough” to see its full icy glory, but it was pretty freaking cold. The birdbath was so completely frozen over, I could pick up a dinner plate size of ice from it (but then had to drop it because it was very cold… unsurprisingly).

Sarah and I headed out of town (via some annoying detours… bridge out indeed!) to a winery where we tasted various wines (as one would tend to do at a winery… today seems to be the day for stating the obvious). We even got to spit the wine out into a special sink that flushed like at the dentists. Then onwards to Berrima, a town that I used to go to with my family years ago.

The town was the kind that touted its own Ye Olde Heritagey credentials, complete with a colonial-era courthouse that had been transformed into a museum. We visited there, watching the horrendously poorly designed video presentation about the history of the town and then walking through the museum displays. The main display was the old courtroom, fitted out with an audio recording reenactment of some famous early 20th Century murder trial and some particularly frightening mannequins of jury members, the accused, the judge, etc… For the lulz (why else), we dressed up in the ridiculous costumes and posed for photos with the aforementioned nightmare-inducing dummies (pictured).

We had pies for lunch, tarts for dessert, and after some brief shopping (mainly of the window variety), we returned to Bowral to say goodbye to Sarah’s grandparents and begin the lovely journey back. By lovely, I mean that Pennant Hills Road IS AN UNPLEASANT PIECE OF… well, road. While stopped at McDonalds for dinner, a quite well-dressed man totally gave me the eye. The good eye, not the evil eye. What a place in which to be hit on.


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