Day 322- July 9, 2010

EVERYBODY OUT! EVERYBODY OUT OF THE HOUSE! Sarah’s house is up for sale and the real estate agents wanted everybody out of the house so that potential buyers could come for an inspection and look through everyone’s things. Since I couldn’t find anything relevant in the tenants’ rights section of the Act (can’t remember which one it was, but it was from 1987), we obliged and left, even being so kind as to tidy up beforehand.

Sarah and I got some coffee to go and headed down to the beach, where we sat in the car with music playing like the indie kids we are. The weather wasn’t bad, so we went down to the beach itself and took some photos (pictured). I tried making a long panorama of the water and the coast from nine photos, but the waves were quite uncooperative and tended to move towards the shore, STUFFING UP THE PHOTO! (You may notice that I have some anger issues today). I managed to stitch four photos together, so I guess that’s good enough.

After a brief stint at the library, giggling at Girlfriend magazines (it’s Year 12 History class all over again), we lunched at 304 (where else?) and returned home for tea and marmalade. I dropped Sarah off at work and picked Anna up. It was a bit like the spy swap that’s going on with the US and Russia now, except you don’t tend to drop them off at Chinese restaurants (or maybe you do- my knowledge of espionage is sadly lacking). We ate dinner and watched Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and then I came to pick Sarah up from work. I managed a parallel park right outside the restaurant, so I was very pleased with myself.

Having retrieved Sarah from her place of employment, the two of us watched Superbad. It’s a funny movie. Then, Sarah and I felt hungry, so we drove to McDonalds. It was yummy.


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