Day 323- July 10, 2010

Argh I really do not feel like writing my blog while on holiday. I suspect the fact that I’m close to a year in writing this blog every day has something to do with it. And also the fact that I’m on holiday in winter. When it’s summer you can take photos of people in tshirts and beaches and other things that look like they belong in a Telstra commercial, but in the wintertime you tend to sit in cafes and watch tv and relax. Quite enjoyable, but not terribly photographable.

So yes, sitting in cafes. So Today’s Photo is from 304… again. It really is a good cafe, and unless you’re feeling the fish and chips (or is it fish ‘n’ chips?) vibe, there’s not really many more places to visit in Umina. Pictured in Figure 1 is Sarah drinking a berry smoothie. Om nom nom (if you can use that expression when referring to drinks). We went there for lunch with Anna and her friend Despina, who was staying over. It was yummy and it was filling and I don’t think you expect any more from food (that would just be asking too much).

We returned home and watched Bones (which I am quite getting into). It’s one of those shows with interesting characters and a good mix of drama, comedy and hyper-unrealistic crime scene investigation technology (why do computers always make whirring and beeping noises?). I like Bones. She’s a bit like House in that she’s socially hopeless, but brilliant and hilarious. And, of course, we ate raspberries. Once again, om nom nom.


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